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Scenic Works

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Reverend Everyman (1989) - 85'

   Opera in two acts

   2++.2.2.2+    Celesta   Timp. 2 Perc.  Strings

   Text:  G. Corseri

   It includes 8 singers and a chorus

   Premiere: Florida State University (EEUU) - 22.6.1990 - cond.
   Salvador Brotons

   Commission: The Florida State University and WFSU-TV.

   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

Abans del Silenci (Before the Silence) (1998) - 80’

   Opereta in two acts   Piano   1 Timp.  1 Perc.   Strings

   It includes 3 singers and chorus

   Premiere: Auditori La Caixa, Granollers - 28.11.1998 - Coral Polifònica de 

   Cond.:  Agustí Vidal.

   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

   Recording: CD

El Mercader de Somnis (The Merchant of Dreams) (2002)- 63’

   Opera in two acts for children and orchestra  Piano  1 Perc.  Strings

   Text:  Carmen de Posadas

   Libretto: Raul Contel

   It includes 4 singers (soprano, tenor, two baritones) and a children chorus

   Translated into English, German, and Spanish

   Premiere: Auditori Winterthur, Barcelona – 10.4.2005 – Orquestra Filarmonía
   Cond.: Salvador Brotons; Cor Vivaldi

   Commission: UNICEF

   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

Fang i Setge (Mud and Siege) (2014) - 150’

   Musical in two acts  1Vl., 1Vlc., 1 DB,   2 Perc.  Piano, string keyboard            

   Text: Josep Pedrals, Marc Rosich       

   Premiere:  Teatre La Passió, Olesa de Montserrat—13.12.2014,
   Cond.: Salvador Brotons

   Commission: Excés d’Entusiasme S.L.

   Publisher: B& M, Barcelona

   Recording: CD

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