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Subtilesa per a Arpa  (Subtelty for harp) (1986)  8'


   Premiere: Indiana University (EEUU) - 17.4.1987 - Margarida Arnal

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

Et in terra pax (2004)  8'

   Violin solo

   Premiere: Centro Reina Sofía (Madrid) – 20.10.2004 – Manuel Guillén

   Publisher: B & M, Barcelona

   Recording: CD (3)


Sonatina Acquifera (2005)  12'


   Premiere: Centro Reina Sofía (Madrid)—3.4.2005- Rafael Gálvez

   Publisher: B & M, Barcelona


Sonata per a violoncel  (Cello Sonata) (2006)  13'

   Violoncel solo

   Premiere:   Damià Martínez   

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona              

   Recording: CD

Clar i net (2011)  6'


   Premiere:  Summer 2011.  Dènia

   Publisher: B&M


Giravolts (2011)  7'


   Premiere: Rafael Adobas,flute at Barcelona Esmuc
   AFE Competition

   Publisher: B&M

Variations on a Barroque theme (2017)  5'


   Premiere: Francisco Fullana, violin, 08-03-2018 at Rose studio
   Lincoln Center in New,York.

   Publisher: M&B

Sonata Covid-19 (2020)   15’


   Publisher: M&B

Harp Sonata (2020)   17’

   Premiere: 6 - 05 -2021 by Cristina Montes, harp
   at Sundays Live in Los Angeles USA

   Publisher: M&B

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