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Chamber Music

Two Instruments

Chamber Music

Three Instruments

"Ad Infinitum" (1976)  6’

   Flute, harp, and viola

   Premiere: Ateneu Barcelonès, Barcelona - 17.5.1977 -
   Trío Santa Cecilia

   Publisher: Clivis(Barcelona)

Suite a tres  (Suite for three) (1977)  13'

   Flute, oboe and clarinet

   Premiere: Centre Cultural de Pineda, Barcelona - 14.7.
   1979 - Members of the Quinteto Aulos

  Publsiher: Tritó, (Barcelona) 

   Recording: LP

Miniatures(1977)  13'

   3 Flutes (2 flutes and 1 flute in G)

    Premiere: Chateau d'Annecy, Annecy (Francia) - 19.4.
   1979 - François Ducasse, Martial Nardeau and Salvador Brotons

   Publisher: Boielau (Barcelona)


Note: These two Suite a tres are the same work, but the original version is the one for 2 flutes and flute in G.

Mirrors (1979)   9'

   Clarinet, violin and piano

  Premiere: Museu Picasso, Barcelona - 3.6.1980 - Trío Bartok

  Prize: JJMM 1979

  Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, (Barcelona)

Trio (1986) 14'

    Violin, cello and piano

    Premiere: Palau de la Música, Barcelona - January 1987 -
   Trio Barcelona

   Publisher: Boileau (Barcelona)
  Recording: CD

Brass Trio (2004)   15'

    Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone

   Premiere: Foyer Gran Teatre del Liceu – 6.11.2004 – Sedalia Trio
   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

Requiem Trio (2004) 18'

    Violin, cello and piano

    Premiere: Marken Hall (New York) – 20.11.2004 – Damocles Trio

   Commission: Damocles Trio

   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

Lament i Divertiment (2009)  10'

    Three cellos

   Premiere: Palau Robert (Barcelona)—4.3.2009—Violoncels de 
   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

Arbre de Flames (2017) 10'

    Flute, guitar and voice

    Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

Souvenir à Carl et Frank Doppler  (2023)  12'

    Two flutes and piano.

   Premiere: April 2nd, 2024. Biblioteca de Catalunya (Barcelona).

Claudi Arimany i Eduard Sánchez, flutes, Pedro Rodríguez, piano. 
   Publisher: Brotons & Mercadal, Barcelona

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