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Chamber Orchestra

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Concerto for Double Bass and Wind Orchestra (2008)  21’

   4++. 3+. 4++. 2.    Harp  Timp.  3 Perc.

   Premiere: Banda Municipal de Barcelona.  (March 2009). 
   Double bass: Jonatan Camps;
   Cond: Salvador Brotons

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

Concerto “Ab Origine”
for French Horn and Orchestra (2009)  22’

   3+ .     Harp   Timp.  4  Perc.  Strings      

   Premiere:  Orquesta Nacional de España (October, 2009). 
   French Horn:  Javier Bonet;
   Cond: Josep Pons

   Publisher:  B&M, Barcelona                    


Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra  (2010)  17’   Harp. 1 Perc.  Strings

   Premiere: Grupo Enigma (May, 2010).  Auditorio de Zaragoza

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona          

   Recording: CD                              

Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra
“Dialogues with Axel” (2012)  20’   Harp    Timp.+2    Strings

   Premiere:  Raanana Symphonette (November, 2013). 
   Soloist: Boris Solomonik; cond. Salvador Brotons

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona        



* There is a version for symphonic band

Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (2013)  20’

   2.2.3 (BCl).0   Harp  Timp. +1  Strings     

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

Brass Quintet Concerto (2014)  20’   Timp. + 2  Strings

   Premiere: Banda Municipal de Granada (December 2014). 
   Soloist: Spanish Brass Luur Metalls;
   Cond. Ángel López Carreño

   Publisher:  B&M, Barcelona        


Double Concerto  for Flute,
Violin and String Orchesra  (2016)  20’

   Premiere: Orquestra del Festival de Concabella (October 2016). 
   Soloists: Enric Riblalta (flute), Anna Urpina (violin);
   Cond.: Salvador Brotons

   Publisher:  B&M, Barcelona. There is a version for Flute and Oboe

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello
(The Andorran)  (2017)  25’

   Premiere: Orquestra Nacional de Cambra d’Andorra
   (ONCA) (March 2018). 
   Soloists: Gerard Claret (violin); Lluís Claret (Cello);
   Cond.: Salvador Brotons

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

Clarinet Quartet Concertino  (2018)  16’

   Premiere:  Orquestra “Terres de Lleida” (Abril 2019). 
   Soloists: Barcelona Clarinet Quartet; cond.: Alfons Reverté

   Publisher:  B&M, Barcelona
  There is a version for symphonic band

Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra (2018)  20’

   Premiere:  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, WA (February 2020).
   Soloist: David Gould;
   Cond.: Salvador Brotons

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

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