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Mixed Choir and piano/organ

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Les Quatre estacions (The four seasons) (1993)  12'

   Text: Josep Carner

   Premiere: Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona -
   14.12.1994 - Cor de Cambra del Palau, cond. Jordi Casas

   Commission: Coral de Cambra del Palau.

   Recording: CD

   Publisher: Dinsic (Barcelona)

The Grove (1994)  10'

   Text: Octavio Paz

   Premiere: Mt. Saint Angel (EEUU) - 4.5.1994 - Portland
   Symphonic Choir, cond: Bruce Browne.

   Commission: Portland Symhonic Choir.

   Recording: CD

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona


Sardana Universal (The Universal Sardana) (2003)  9’

   Text: Lluís M. Xirinacs

   Premiere: Europa Cantat.  Palau de Congressos (Barcelona)
   -20.7.2003- cond.: Lluís Sala

   Commission: Europa Cantat. Songbridge

   Publisher: B & M, Barcelona

Note: There are two versions of this piece: the original one for children choir and piano and a second one for mixed choir and piano

Missa Brevis  (2007) (for children’s choir and organ) 15’

   Premiere: Auditori Winterthur (Barcelona). 30-3-2008.
   Cor Vivaldi; cond.: Oscar Boada.

   Commission: Cor Vivaldi

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona


Note: There is also a version for children’s choir and strings

Three Songs of the Musical “Fang i Setge” 
(2015) (for mixed choir and piano)    9’

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

Oda Infinita  (2016)
(for mixed choir and organ or piano)    12’

   Publisher: B&M, Barcelona

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